Shanghai, Tianjin to Cooperate in Tobacco Following
Reorganization of Beijing, Shanghai Tobacco

Shanghai Tobacco (Group) Co. and Tianjin Cigarette Factory are expected to reorganize soon, following the successful reorganization of Shanghai Tobacco and Beijing Cigarette Factory.

According to sources, Shanghai Tobacco and Fuyang Cigarette Factory will reorganize.

STMA Director Jiang Chengkang has recently conducted a survey on tobacco industry in Shanghai, while specifically observing the situation after reorganization of Shanghai Tobacco and Beijing Cigarette Factory and making arrangement for further promotion of alliance and reorganization in the next period.

Jiang said that in the process of alliance and reorganization of tobacco industries, two issues would be controlled. First, in the strategic aspect, the orientation of alliance and reorganization will be controlled. And second, in the technical aspect, the way of specific operation will be controlled.

Jiang reiterated in Shanghai that the strategy of deepening reform, promoting reorganization, seeking alliance and pursing common growth proposed by the STMA was aimed to promote reorganization of Shanghai Tobacco and Tianjin Cigarette Factory.

It was reported that Beijing Cigarette Factory would not only produce Zhongnanhai cigarettes, but also produce brands of Shanghai Tobacco. But he declined to name the specific brand for cooperation.

Although there is no specific time for reorganization of the two sides, it is predicted that Shanghai Tobacco and Tianjin Cigarette Factory will start reorganization within this month. Enditem

SOURCE FROM: Beijing Business Times