Chinese Company Develops Serial Anti-Forgery Printing Ink Products

Shanghai Wancheng Anti-Forgery Printing Ink Company based in east China has developed a series of new anti-forgery printing ink products recently.

As a specialized high-tech printing ink company combining the research and development, production and sale of printing ink products, Shanghai Wancheng Anti-Forgery Printing Ink Company has for years focused its efforts on the research and development of anti-forgery printing ink.

Over recent years, the company has made continued efforts to employ highly qualified trained personnel, purchase advanced technology and import advanced testing equipment abroad.

After concerted efforts by more than a dozen experts and professors, the company has developed a series of new anti-forgery color-changing printing ink products.

Using advanced foreign technology, the company has succeeded in developing the MK printing ink capable of being used on the packaging of superior cigarette and liquor products.

The MK printing ink is of a special decorative effect, and the printed color of the ink is twice darker than general anti-forgery printing link, filling a technological gap domestically.

The high-density thermal sensitive color-changing anti-forgery printing ink newly developed by the company is of a chrominance which is twice denser than that of general thermal sensitive color-changing printing ink.

When printed on tipping paper, this type of printing ink can not only produce the effect of general printing ink, but can also increase the anti-forgery effect. It is an ideal product of printing ink against forgery applicable by enterprises of the tobacco industry.

The company has also developed a new type of sunlight color-changing jet ink, which can be easily jetted onto the packaging of products with micro-piezoelectric ink-jet printers, and is of the characteristics of being highly invisible in the dark environment, but highly visible in a bright environment, etc.

When exposed under outdoor sunlight, any signs printed with such ink can be recognized immediately.

For general color-changing anti-forgery printing ink, it can only mutually change between two colors, e.g., from blue to green. But the chameleon color-changing printing ink developed by the company can change among four colors - from purple to red, from red to blue and then from blue to green, greatly promoting the effect against forgery. Enditem

SOURCE FROM: China Cigarette Raw Materials Information