Yunnan Develops High-Quality Fertilizer for Tobacco Growing

Yunnan Petrochemical Department and Yunnan Tobacco Monopoly Administration have jointly developed and produced special fertilizer for Virginia tobacco growing, which will gradually replace the imported compound fertilizers in the province.

The newly developed fertilizer has been recently promoted in the counties of Jiangchuan, Xuancheng and Wenshan in the past year. The experiments in the above areas have proved that the product adjusts well to the local soil, weather conditions and various types of Virginia tobacco.

In the period of 1993 to 2000, the total production of special fertilizer for Virginia tobacco growing stood at 1.8 million tons. By the end of 2000, the compound fertilizer producers in the province have amounted to 111 with annual production of 2.5 million tons, including 1 million tons of compound fertilizer with high concerntration.

The province produced 703,000-ton compound fertilizer with a sales volume of 649,000 tons.

The improved production capability has helped the tobacco growers reduce millions of yuan's cost and also helped the country save a great deal of foreign currencies.

Yunnan enjoys rich mineral resources especially phosphorus, whose annual output is 7 million tons. Therefore, the province takes the advantage of phosphorus to produce phosphate fertilizer.

In recent years, the province has strengthened the production of compound fertilizer besides its traditional products of phosphate fertilizer and nitrogenous fertilizer. 

Yunfeng Chemical Industrial Co. Ltd. and other five enterprises have been chosen to produce special fertilizer for tobacco growing by the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration (STMA). Enditem