US: The New E-Cigarette Popular Among Minors: JUUL

JUUL hit the market last year, and has been popular with minors. According to Truth Initiative, one in five students between the ages of 12-17 seeing JUUL in schools. It looks like a flash drive, making it harder to detect. One local business owner says this brand goes against everything his business stands for.

"We're not trying to do what that product is trying to do. We're trying to get people off of cigarettes and provide a safer, healthier alternative to smoking. We're not trying to get a new generation hooked and it seems to be the way that one's geared," says Kevin Quick the owner of Downhom Vapors.

Another concern- what the contents are made of. The owner of another Rapid City vape shop, Black Hills Vapors reached out to JUUL asking where and how the juice in their pods are made, with no response. Leading him to refuse to sell the product as well.

JUUL has 50 milliliters of nicotine, while an average cigarette has approximately 15 milliliters. JUUL also concentrated nicotine salt, allowing the nicotine to get into the blood faster and giving users a feeling of being high.

"They get a little buzz from it because it hits you right now. That little buzz like you've never smoked a cigarette and you smoke one real fast you're going to get a head change. That's why a lot of these kids are doing these," says Quick.

This year, the Food and Drug Administration sent out countless warning letters or violations to JUUL retailers for illegal sales of JUUL products to youth.  Enditem