Vapor Groups Request California Flavor Ban Repeal

Three e-cigarette advocacy groups are asking California State General Assembly to repeal the state¡¯s ban on flavored vaping products. The group¡¯s leaders say an estimated 900,000 former smokers in California could be forced to switch back to smoking if the bill (CA SB793) is not overturned by referendum or repealed.

¡°Unless California lawmakers want to force hundreds of thousands of vapers back to smoking, they need to reconsider this flavor ban,¡± said Gregory Conley, president of the American Vaping Association (AVA). ¡°While voting for bans may make legislators feel righteous, the reality is that prohibition is failed public policy and never works for adult consumer products.¡±

The World Vapers¡¯ Alliance, Consumer Choice Center (CCC) and the AVA, which combined represent hundreds of thousands of consumers, sent a letter to members of the California State Assembly members urging them to repeal the flavored tobacco ban bill in California to avoid pushing vapers back to combustible cigarettes.

¡°Instead of improving public health by reducing the number of smokers, this law will have the opposite effect: more people smoking again,¡± said Yaël Ossowski, deputy director at the CCC. ¡°Moreover, these measures will push people into the illegal market and will also have a disproportionate impact on people of color, who overwhelmingly prefer flavored products and would suffer the most from criminalization and over-policing in our local communities.¡±  Enditem