Shanghai Medical Workers Voluntarily Abstain From Smoking

The medical community in the largest Chinese city of Shanghai officially kicked off the 2001 campaign for voluntary abstention from smoking on February 27.

According to statistics, more than 2,000 medical workers in Shanghai would stop smoking on February 27.

The current stop-smoking campaign has been the largest of its kind for the medical community in Shanghai.

The campaign was organized by Project Seven Office of Shanghai City Health Administration, Shanghai City Diseases Prevention and Control Center and other institutions, and was solely sponsored by Smith-Kline Beecham company.

Last year, Smith-Kline Beecham provided CQ stop-smoking stickers for an anti-smoking campaign involving some 100 doctors in Shanghai.

After their use of such stickers, 92 percent of the doctors clearly indicated that they would recommend this product to their relatives and patients.

It is estimated that the total sales of tobacco in China is the largest in the world, and accounts or one-third of the total sales in the world. Enditem