Shanghai Tobacco Group Develops Less Harmful Cigarettes

Shanghai Tobacco (Group) Co. of China has developed less harmful cigarettes and stated that it is capable of producing such cigarettes now.

Shanghai Tobacco (Group) Co. made the statement at a technical consultation meeting of tobacco producers and medical experts in Shanghai on the reduction of harmful substances in cigarette smoke.

The so-called less harmful cigarettes refer to cigarettes that generate less harmful substances in smoke than other cigarettes under an identical tar level.

Three years ago, Shanghai Tobacco (Group) Co. cooperated with Shanghai City Smoking and Health Association in establishing a research group for studying the feasibility of developing less harmful cigarettes.

Besides, it has also cooperated with many universities and research institutes in Beijing and Shanghai in forming ways of testing free radicals in smoke vapor, condensed nuclear aromatic hydrocarbon and nitrogen nitrosamine, which are generally recognized as three major types of harmful substances in cigarette smoke.

The research group collected 12 types of additives effective in reducing harmful substances in cigarette smoke, and made 55 samples in seven batches. Eventually, it succeeded in producing a type of additive with a natural antioxidant and a highly potent absorbent as the main ingredients.

Compared with control cigarettes with a same taste and an identical tar level, sample cigarettes generated 15 percent less free radicals in smoke, 20 percent less nitrogen nitrosamine and also less harmful substances belonging to the family of condensed nuclear aromatic hydrocarbon.

Moreover, in comparative experiments on mice to test sub-slow viruses in a period of three months, the group of mice taking smoke from sample cigarettes showed less pathologic changes in lungs than the group taking general cigarettes, and showed no sign of heart muscle injury. Enditem