About 2000 People in China Die From Diseases Related to Tobacco Daily

About 2000 people in China die from diseases related to tobacco every day as the proportion of male smokers is rising in the country with the number of smokers above 15 years old standing at about 320 million, according to the latest statistics released by Shanghai Diseases Prevention and Control Center.

The statistics showed that 60 percent of the male and three percent of the femaile in Shanghai are smoking.

Smoking will not only cause harm to the health of the smoker himself or herself, but also bring harm to other people's health. Clinic science has proved that the air of 2/3 of families and 20 to 30 percent of working places and public places is polluted by tobacco smoke.

The day of May 31 will be the 15th World No-Tobacco Day, when Shanghai Patriotic Health Movement Committee, and Shanghai Public Health Bureau and other related departments will organize various activities of promotion to warn the people of keeping away from tobacco. Enditem

SOURCE FROMú║Shanghai Morning Post