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Dear Sir/Madam :

We are please to inform you  that we are the Harvester, Processor, Manufacturer and exporter of Tobacco and we have been involved with tobacco export business about 40 years. Our Specialty is Commitment, Quality, Price etc. Tobacco harvest history  in Bangladesh about over 150 years. Bangladesh harvest different type of high quality tobacco like FCV, NC-95, DV, Burley, Rustica & Virginia etc.

 We are selling various type of Tobacco:-

°§         Cut Rag Tobacco for Cigars

°§         Pipe Tobacco

°§         Whole leaf Tobacco

°§         Cigarettes(Any Brand)

°§         Burley

°§         Rustica

°§         FCV

°§         DV

°§         Form :Hand Strip,BTLL,TLL,Tipped & Threshed etc




Skyp: shahiduzzaman67


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